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ROAD TEST: 740 Bentley Mulsanne Speed

Having road-tested the £304,740 Bentley Mulsanne Speed in the Bavarian Alps last Spring, I know just how seductive a handcrafted, high-spec Bentley interior can be, so anyone who wants a Bentayga and expects it to be the last word in luxury won’t be disappointed. And while the original SUVs – or Sports Utility Vehicles – tended to put the emphasis on utilitarian, Bentley has gone to the opposite extreme while giving it all the utility a green-laner or off-roader could dream of. 

That means it will go just about everywhere a Range Rover would go (though do watch that paintwork!), drive up and down steep slopes, and automatically regulate its own speed using its Hill Descent Control so you can concentrate fully on steering and avoiding hitting anything. --Jon McKnight

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