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Avoid Falling Victim to Road Rage - The Driver's Safety Tips

Road rage is arguably one of the most pointless and worthless exercises one can engage in. However, not all people keep calm when driving, thus road rage has lately become quite a serious problem. Avoiding aggressive drivers is perhaps the best way to deal with such situation effectively.
In order to avoid road rage, and the potential road accidents that come with it, one must understand what road rage is, who practices it, and what causes it.
One of the most common reasons why people fall into road rage tantrums is because they feel inferior to others in many respects, and tend to succumb to such poor attitude and appalling displays of emotional misbalance behind the wheel as means of getting back at the world in general. One should keep in mind that not all people live the same lifestyle or have been lucky enough to have a good job, good family life etc. which are all negatives that can affect a person's behaviour behind the wheel, and cause them to act in an obscene manner.
  • Keeping cool, calm and collected in cases where another driver is verbally abusing you is essential, even if you can teach them a lesson in manners, and driving, you shouldn't - it is just not worth the trouble, and not worth getting your hands dirty.
Remember, in all instances, the mature and intelligent thing to do is to turn away and disregard such lame and obscene displays of on-road behaviour.
  • Another thing to remember is that you are not perfect either, and that in many cases you may also be causing annoyance to other motorists by doing or not doing certain things when you are meant to. Bear in mind, that all people are just that - silly people, and that they all want to get home, or get to work on time - even those obnoxious individuals who give you the finger or shout obscenities through their car window.

  • Not letting your negative emotions getting the best of you is vital, however this is anything but easy. Try not to focus your negative emotions, thoughts or desire to shout, abuse, even physically deal with the person before you as this will only make matters worse, instead smile at them, wave them off, and off you go.

  • If the road-rager decides it is a good idea to follow you, then do four right turns so they know you are going in circles as way to avoid them. If the problem persists, by all means drive straight to your nearest police station, meanwhile jot down the plates and description of the vehicle, if possible the driver too, and let police handle the situation accordingly.

  • A good way to keep your own road rage urges at bay, and keep your nose clean from confrontation with other motorists is to know what's important in your life. A photo of your family and loved ones on the dashboard, or a personal item of your spouse or kids hanging from your rear-view mirror will be a constant reminder that you shouldn't give in to such primitive behaviour (even if the other driver really deserves a smack in the mouth) as things can easily escalate out of control. A car crash or a fight caused by road rage is banal and degrading for both parties, and quite unnecessary.
Getting into a car accident over a case of road rage is really, really not worth it. The consequences of falling victim to road rage, can easily translate to failing victim to a serious car accident fuelled by road rage. However, if you have been in a car crash caused by another motorist's obscene, menacing or otherwise abusive or aggressive behaviour you may be due for compensation or another form of legal retribution, so check with your accident attorney for the possible ways through which you can seek justice and receive it.
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