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Louis Vuitton and Range Rover Partner - Now That's an Ice Cream Paint Job

Custom car paint jobs have long been the forte of the indulgent, and those who have something to say. Overfinch, a Leeds-based firm works on enhancing Range Rovers, and this Louis Vuitton Range Rover  is credited to them, though coating may have done by another involved party.
The Range Rover has the Louis Vuitton monogram printed over the car body, and a garish pink and white stripe runs through the hood to the bumper. The owner's initials, N.J.H finds its place on the hood.  Vehicle wrap printed with the LV logo has been used ensuring temporary customizing without the paint job being affected. 
This Overfinch Range Rover could have come at $160.00. The company has outfitted Range Rovers with engine ramp ups, personalized interiors, and bodykit since 1975. 

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