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How to Buy Used Cars For $500 Or Less

How to buy a car at a cheap price is not that difficult if you know where to look. I'm shocked and amazed to find out that there is a full car selling industry that I didn't previously know about. Once you find out about it you will save yourself thousands of dollars when looking for the next car to buy.
I have a friend of mine who buys and sells cars all the time and turns around and makes thousands of dollars. Of course I was very interested to find out how he was getting these cards so cheap. What I found out was that in every city and large town there are car auctions that go on at least once a week. Especially since the cash for clunkers program, there is a huge market of used cars selling for prices you would not believe.
I found out was that there were a lot of new and used cars being sold at bargain prices. The majority of the used cars sold anywhere from $500 up to $2000 and most of them were in good condition. Before the auction you are allowed to take a look at the cars and start them up and make sure that they run. So buyer beware here but if you do your analysis of the car first you can find a good used cars for $500. In fact that the auction I went to, there were so many used cars that about half of them never sold because there were not enough buyers.
So to find the bargain basement price for a good used car go to your local auction and place a bid on a car and you will be amazed at the prices you will be able to get. One final tip, go a couple days after the auction and find out which cars do not sell and offer the car either a price far below the auction price.
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