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2012 Luxury Cars

2012 Luxury Cars

Front Angle View

2012 Aston Martin Cygnet
The 2012 Aston Martin Cygnet is the world's first luxury commuter car. 
2012 Audi A3Audi’s entry-level U.S.-market car gains a first-ever sedan body style to complement a slightly larger, new-look hatchback. The redesigned A3 also promises a little extra power and more premium features. But will all this be enough to lift ho-hum sales?

2012 Aston Martin Cygnet: "Q, you've shrunk my Aston!" "Not really, 007. Those nice Toyota chaps have simply let us posh up their little iQ to be the world's first luxury commuter car. But tell me: Do you think Aston enthusiasts will approve?"

2012 BMW 1-Series 2-door 2-door convertible front

2012 BMW 1-Series: A ground-up redesign promises big changes for the smallest BMW. Besides new powertrains with higher mpg and lower CO2, the redesigned 1-Series should offer more body styles and maybe all-wheel drive.

2011 BMW 2-door convertible front

2012 BMW 3-SeriesBMW’s top seller is redesigned ahead of schedule to combat slumping sales and tough new mpg and emissions mandates. The result should be the cleanest, thriftiest, most technically advanced3-Series ever--and no doubt the priciest.

2010 BMW 5-Series Gran Turismo
2012 BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo: A first-time 4-door hatchback headlines a clean-sheet redesign forBMW’s top-seller. All the new 3-Series models get a raft of green-tech features, but the Gran Turismo will also court younger buyers whose “active lifestyles” include driving fun.

2012 mercedes-benz b-class

2012 Mercedes-Benz B-Class: Small cars are big business now, so this Euro-market premium-compact caris again headed for America, only redesigned this time. With typical Benz virtues in a more fuel-efficient package, the B-Class promises solid competition for the Audi A3 and BMW 1-Series.

2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS
2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class: With its E-Class parent just redesigned, this "4-door coupe" gets its own makeover and the same new "driver assistance" features. But, the next CLS won't seem as startling as the first-generation model did--and it faces stiff competition.

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