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Choosing the Best Performance Tires

It's not always easy to know which performance tires are the best for your vehicle, and that suits your driving style. It is also important to take into consideration the type of climate you are in. Low profile tires can have an adverse reaction on your car's handling if your suspension is not tuned for them.
So with that in mind let's consider the factors that contribute to you finding the best performance tires for your car.
1. Price - while it is important not to buy cheap tires that don't offer the best road holding and braking ability, you don't necessarily need to buy the most expensive either. You can often find a tire that has a good mix of advanced tread pattern, compound longevity and handling performance at a mid price range. Just don't be sucked into buying the cheapest tire you can find, as you might find yourself having to pay for a new set if they wear out too quickly or don't perform.
2. Braking Performance - How quickly your car stops is greatly affected by the tread pattern and compound of the tyre. A tire compound that is too hard will be easy to lock up during braking, and one that is too soft will offer fantastic braking ability, but will wear too quickly. You need to find a tire that is a balance between too hard and too soft.
3. Seasonal Requirements - It goes without saying that if you live in a colder climate area, you will need performance tires that can handle winter conditions. If you life in a warmer area, you will most probably be able to fit an all season type of tire.
4. Original Fitment - You may be surprised to learn that your car has been designed to use a certain type of tire, and you should always stay within the guidelines of your original tires, as changing the wheel diameter and profile of your tire can severely affect the handling characteristics. If you do wish to change tires and wheels and go for a bigger size rim, you should definitely consider having your suspension adjusted to suit the new wheel size
So there you have 4 ways to choose the best performance tire, but the most important thing to remember is to do your research, find out what is most suitable for your car, and your own unique circumstances, and carefully consider the options available.
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