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Nissan Maxima Parts Deliver Maximum Performance

Nissan has always prided itself on giving its customers great style, performance and value for money. Their cars have been awaited keenly and find quick takers. The Nissan Maxima is no different.

The latest model of the Nissan Maxima on the roads is the 2009 model. On the surface, it looks a lot like the Infiniti G and also a little like the Infiniti M. What sets his car apart is an upgraded version of the navigation interface and an iPod interface system which can be made available on request. This works with the monitor of the main console and also the controls of the steering wheel.

The engine has been designed to produce an improved horsepower of 290 and it also has a 261 pound per foot torque. There is also a variable transmission with a paddle shift. There is no availability of manual gears. The diesel version of this car was slated for release this year, although the roads have not experienced this car so far.

The original model of the Maxima was a lot taller and longer as well. Today, this has been exchanged with more stylish designs that help to make this car look more stylish and elegant. It is a little wider, though.

The Maxima has a push button start as opposed to the conventional method that uses a key. It can make it from zero to sixty miles in just over five and a half seconds. It takes about one hundred and twenty five feet before it can get from sixty to a grinding halt.

It is certain that Nissan loyalists will find this car a wonderful buy regardless of the minor flaws. It is a beauty to own, and a pleasure to drive. You cannot miss this one!

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