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What Are Early Signs of Transmission Problems? Symptoms of A Slipping Transmission

Check Engine light on a 1996 Dodge Caravan.
Your car is starting to shake. There's a small pool of red oil that gathers under your car whenever you park it. And you're fairly certain that you detect a burning smell whenever you turn on your car.

If these things sound familiar to you, then you might be experiencing early signs of transmission problems - and unless you nip these early warning signs in the bud, you're looking at a potentially catastrophic breakdown. Not to mention a sky-high bill from your mechanic!

So if you're ready to learn the early signs of a slipping transmission, then take a look at the most common warning signs below:

1. The Car is Shaking. If your car starts shaking - especially at highway speeds - then it's possible that your transmission is beginning to fail. However, a shaking car can be early signs of other mechanical problems too, such as a faulty engine. Take your car to your mechanic to ensure that your shaking car isn't a sign of something more serious.
2. There's a Burning Smell. If you detect a burnt odor, then that could be a sign your transmission is either overheating or leaking oil onto the engine. As soon as you smell this, immediately take your car to the mechanic - a leaky or overheating transmission could catch flames.
3. Your Check Engine Light is On. The computers in today's cars are primed to alert you when something's wrong with your car. If your check engine light comes on, don't ignore it - take it to your mechanic to see what's going on.
4. Your Car is Leaking. If you see a small pool of oil with a red color from under your car when you pull out of a parking space, be wary - that's a prime sign your transmission is faulty.

As soon as you experience any one of these early signs of transmission problems, get your car to the mechanic pronto!

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