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Types, Uses and Importance of Auto Gauges

A "dashboard" is like a speedometer ...
Every automobile is in-built with a number of display panels which help to measure the different functions of the vehicle. Each panel is known as an auto gauge. Every vehicle has different types of gauges according to the requirement of the same but there are some common gauges which are vital for the smooth and correct functioning of the vehicle.

Some of the Essential Gauges
An auto gauge which appears on your display panel gives the relevant signals about your car so it is essential to understand the signals to know the underlying problem of your automobile. These meters can include fuel gauges, speedometers, tachometers and so forth. Let us elaborate the importance of different gauges:

Fuel level meter: among the most important auto gauge includes the fuel level meter which displays the level of fuel in the tank. It is important to monitor the level of fuel every time you drive.
Speedometer: this gauge measures the speed of the automobile. The electronic speedometers are far efficient than the ordinary speedometers.
Voltmeter: the voltmeter is another auto gauge which helps to monitor the current voltage of the batteries while the engine is switched on and while it is switched off.
Tachometer: another important and common gauge includes the tachometer which helps to measure the engine's RPM or the revolutions per minute. The tachometer is very important to prevent the engine from crossing the limited RPM.
Odometer: it helps to measure the total distance travelled by the automobile. These days most of the cars use digital odometers which are accurate and can never be manipulated.
Vacuum meter: a vacuum meter helps to diagnose various problems occurring in an engine. It actually measures the amount of suction intake by the engine.
Oil pressure: this auto gauge helps to monitor the oil pressure in the engine. This indicator light is one of the most vital gauges in an automobile. The oil pressure should neither be too low or too high as it could cause serious damage to the engine. Lubrication of the engine's moving parts is possible only with the help of oil pressure so it is important to monitor it regularly.
Ammeter: is an important auto gauge that helps to measure the electric current in the batteries. The ammeters are essential to monitor the electric charges from the alternator to the batteries. Cars which are inclusive of different types of accessories would find the ammeters more useful as the accessories utilise maximum batteries.
Brake pressure: yet another type of auto gauge that helps to gauge the pressure present in the hydraulic brake system. When brakes are applied, the pressure in the hydraulic brake system increases and this can be monitored on the brake pressure gauge.
Check engine: an auto gauge which monitors problems in the emission control system. It emits an indicator light when problems occur.
The use of auto gauge is very vital to understand the exact functions of the automobile. It is equally important to understand what each gauge displays on the dashboard.

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