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Save Big on Auto Sound Systems

Many people believe to get great sound you have to buy the most expensive components. This is simply not true. It is possible to save big on auto sound systems if you know what to look for and where to locate great deals.

Shopping at Big Name Retail Stores
We all know the big name retail stores with the expansive audio department. They have displays all set up with the speakers and you can hear the sweet sounds at the push of a button. The prices will range from ridiculously low to over the top high, but here's something they don't tell you. Many will pair up one low budget item with one higher priced item just to entice you into buying the higher end products. For instance, the head unit is top of the line and way over your budget, but the package deal with the speakers is what makes it a deal. At first listen, you're thinking, this can't be the way this deck sounds; it's horrible. But wait a minute, now the salesperson switches the speakers to give you pounding base and sweet highs that would sound terrific in your car. What's the catch? Well, the package deal for the high priced unit and the low end speakers doubles when you add the better speakers. You know what you want, you certainly deserve it, but you just cannot afford it, and you don't have to, just keep on shopping.

Shopping Online
The Internet is flooded with every piece of equipment you can think of from head units to amplifiers to tweeters and woofers to DVD players- the list goes on and on. The whole online search can be a bit overwhelming with all of the online stores, auction sites, and classified listings; unless you know what you're looking for. So here's what you do, while visiting the retail store, jot down the model numbers of the components that you like and save it.

Now when doing your online search, just type in the model numbers and narrow down your search drastically. Remember when shopping online to check for a manufacturer's warranty as well as the shipping costs and return policy. If your item does not work correctly, you want to be able to exchange it or get a refund hassle-free. Another thing to make mention of is when shopping with overseas companies, make certain that your components have an English option for settings and instructions. All too often, items arrive with instructions in another language leaving the buyer stuck with a fantastic product that displays in another language or instructions that they cannot understand.

Pawn Shop Shopping
One place that is often overlooked is pawn shops. While the chances of finding what you're looking for may be hit or miss, there is a good chance that you can negotiate a great deal because someone needed cash quickly and had to sell their audio system. When shopping in pawn shops inquire if the item has been tested and if refunds are offered for defective products. Speakers are easy enough to wire up and test quickly, but head units may not be tested beforehand. Overall, you can get great bargains if it's your lucky day.

The key to getting the best deal for your money is to do your homework. You do not have to buy high end brand name products to get good sound, but wouldn't it be nice if you could catch a bargain on high end equipment for a fraction of the retail cost.

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