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Obtaining A Car Loan With Bad Credit

In today's modern economy, there is no denying that people are facing major financial challenges. The loss of a job, decreased income, and mounting bills have caused many individuals to fall behind and in turn, damage their credit.

However, bad credit, good credit or no credit, people tend to have the same needs, meaning you need to get around, take the kids to school, and conduct your life. You need a car, but when you have bad credit, getting a car loan can be very difficult.

It is common knowledge that the credit markets are frozen, even for people who have good credit. Therefore, it is important you know your options when you have bad credit, but need to buy a car and can't pay for it in hundred dollar bills.

Depending on your current housing situation, one of the smartest ways to buy a car is through a home equity loan. Typically, you will get a better interest rate on this type of loan as opposed to going through a "loan shark" that caters specifically to providing bad credit loans. Furthermore, the interest on a home equity loan is tax deductible, providing a financial break for you year end and the financing is secure, meaning an interest rate will not adjust.

Another option is to contact your local bank or credit union. If your account has been in good standing and even if you have recently gone through a bankruptcy or a foreclosure, it is wise idea to speak with your personal banker or someone who knows you at your local branch. There can be perks if you have always made sure your account stays in the positive and a banker may be able to help you because of their personal relationship with you.

If you are looking for a traditional car loan and the previous options are not viable, consider looking online. Do a Google search for companies that specialize in bad credit loans for car financing and look for a lender who not only has good terms, but is also reputable. Make sure you do your due diligence in this area because there are a lot of scams right now that prey on people who are desperate and broke and you do not want to become a target of adjusting interest rates, changing payment terms, and other factors that could further damage your credit just because you need a new set of wheels.

Finally, the last way to obtain a car loan that you should ever consider is by walking into a shady looking dealership that has signs that promise to finance anyone regardless of their financial situation. Not only are these people glorified loan sharks, but there will be absolutely no guarantee over the quality of the car that you buy (or even if the title is legitimate). By working with one of these companies, you put yourself in a very risky situation and could find yourself in a worse situation than just having a bad credit score.

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