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Ford Ranger Engine Service Guidelines

1994 Ford Ranger
Motor vehicle servicing varies depending on the conditions you mainly drive in.

If you believe your service manual it will tell you 10,000 miles is an adequate time span to wait between even a basic oil service on a ford ranger engine, under what they call normal conditions. What they do not tell you is that their term "normal" is a great deal different than the "normal" of Joe public who is driving their vehicles. As a general rule the manufacturer classifies normal driving as straight line level surface for extended periods of time. The driving that is carried out daily by the general public is what is considered "extreme" conditions. Extreme conditions consist of stop and go driving, short journeys from home to the store, climbing hills, driving in dirty or dusty conditions. This is the general type of driving most people do.

For the ford ranger engine, In essence you should cut the service interval down to 3,000 miles if you are using non synthetic motor oil and 5,000 if you are using semi synthetic to a maximum of 7,500 if you are using fully synthetic oil.

One key thing to remember that the service is not just for the well being of your engine. It is a time when you give your chosen mechanic the opportunity to look your vehicle over to make sure the rest of the vehicle is working as it should.

Many people rely on a yearly MOT for a vehicle wellness check but in all honesty, it is not enough.
A lot can happen in a 12 month time frame, a brake system can deteriorate from a stuck shim or seizing caliper in a very short time. Brake hoses can split or fray possibly causing a leak which could be life threatening. Suspension components take a beating daily with the speed bumps people run over every day to and from wherever their destination is.

There are components that are not checked on an MOT that should be checked regularly in order to maintain your vehicle in a reliable and dependable condition. The clutch would be one of them as well as the gearbox itself. Other components that should be checked and are not part of the MOT are the air filter, battery, fuel filter, spark /glow plugs, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and other parts of the driveline.

All Ford ranger engine service checks should be done by a qualified mechanic who will be able to let you know if there are any issues that need to be addressed to keep your vehicle safe, not only for you but for the safety of the people on the road with you.

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