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Review of Pioneer AVH-P3100DVD Car Touchscreen DVD Player By Jessica Beavers

The Pioneer DVD Player has a 5.8-inch wide touch screen and is able to play DVDs, DivX, and MP3/WMA/iTunes AAC. It has iPod direct control as well as a Bluetooth adapter that allows you to revert to speakerphone and drive hands free.

The player is extremely applicable to any media need. You can simply plug in your iPod with a CD-IU50V cable and have your music play through your car speakers. The player is touch screen, so instead of having to search your music song by song on your iPod, you simply scroll through your music on a much larger screen.
Plus, the Pioneer DVD player was made to play music as they would be heard on a CD - crisp and fully resonating. It is different from hearing the music through your iPod headphones because the digital compression process of the iPod causes music to sound not as it would on a CD - you can think of it as certain pieces have been removed. The pioneer DVD Player was made to assure that those pieces stay intact so to bring you the best sound quality possible.

The player is also Bluetooth compatible. Stop using your headset and plug your Bluetooth phone into the Pioneer Player with the provided CD-BTB200 Bluetooth adapter, and poof, ridin' hands free baby. You can play a DVD on it, then have it pause when as call comes in.

The unit also has a speakerphone that uses your car speakers and a huge plus is that it automatically mutes your music upon an incoming call, which translates into riding free and jammin' without thinking of missing a call.  Pioneer has done very well.

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