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Free STP Gas Treatment

Nothing better than a free sample of STP to treat your gas right? I’ve personally never had use for a free sample like this, or do I? Well when you get a free sample of STP you’ll clean out your engine so your 1996 Saturn doesn’t sound like a racecar with no power. Trust me you are not going to beat that s2000 in a race. But, you just might end up with a cleaner engine which means better performance and a longer lasting engine.

Free Sample of STP Gas Treatment

1. Either LIKE STP on facebook (link) or subscribe to their newsletter (link) *bottom left

2. That will get you a $2 coupon.

3. Use the $2 coupon at Advance Auto Parts making the product a free sample.

Did you know you can follow the latest free samples through twitter or facebook? Is this free sample expired? It happens... Make sure you are on our main website for current valid samples! Get Free Samples Right in Your Email! Just like everything on this site, it is 100% free and you can cancel it at any time!

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