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Save Money on Gas! 4 Car Care Tips to Help You Do It

With gas prices, increasing everybody wants to do what they can to save money on gas. The obvious answer to help you save money on gas is to do less driving, the fewer miles you drive the less gas you will use. However, this solution is not available for everyone, perhaps you live too far from your job to take public transit, or you are a delivery driver. No matter what your situation is there are plenty of things that you can do to help save money on gas.

The first thing that you need to start doing is using the lowest octane fuel that you can for your vehicle, to find out the octane rating you can look in your owners' manual. Most cars do not need the higher priced premium gasoline; very few cars actually need this, so filling up your tank with this high rated fuel is a waste of money. Keep in mind as long as your engine does not knock or ping when you use the lower grade fuel you are fine to keep using it.

Avoid topping off when you are filling up your car. Many people are tempted to top off their cars, whether it is to get that extra bit of gas or to get the amount to an even number, but you need to resist that urge. Once your tank is full, any extra gas that you put into the tank is going to spill over or even overflow from the tank, so you just wasted money on nothing.

Always make sure that you gas cap is on as tightly as possible. Keeping the gas cap on tightly ensures that the gas cannot evaporate because it does not have any escape. According to the car Care Council, over 147 million gallons of gas are wasted every year due to missing, loose, or broken gas caps.

Something else that people do not think about when it comes to saving money on gas is parking in the shade. Sure parking in the shade will help keep your car from feeling like an oven, but it will also help reduce the amount of gas that is evaporating due to the temperature inside the car. In addition to parking in the shade, whenever possible you also want to use your garage as a place to [park your car, if you have one. This helps keep your car cool in the summer and warm in the winter, which means you will rely less on the air conditioner and defroster when driving during certain times of the year.
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