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How to Buy Cars on Craigslist By Kim Chi

When searching for cars on Craigslist, make sure to communicate with the owner before driving out to see the car. The reason why you want to communicate with the owner beforehand is because you want to test and see whether the owner of the vehicle is legit and whether or not they are a trusted individual. Some questions you should ask them are the reasons why they are selling the vehicle, whether the vehicle has been in any previous accidents, any problems that come to mind, and whether or not there are any necessary repairs that need to be addressed.

Remember not to take the owners word directly and to purchase a car history report so you can separate fact from fiction. A good way to know whether or not an owner is serious about making a sale is whether they are prompt when answering your e-mails and phone calls. Sometimes owners are just not anxious enough and will not reply to their e-mails. Stay away from these people as they are not desperate to sell their cars and it will be a huge hassle to deal with them. Instead, stick to the car owners who are read to "get down to business" and really want to make a sale.

Once you get all of your questions answered and have enough pictures to make a decision, go to the owner of the car. If possible, try to meet in a neutral location and always meet during the day. It is better if you can bring a friend along, but if not, make sure to do the deal during the day and in public. Remember to stick to your budget and if you cannot come to an agreement, then just walk away. More times than none, the owner of the vehicle will reduce the price of their car and you will get a good Craigslist car deal.

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