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How to Safely Remove Scratches from Your Car's Paint by Hand

Micro-fine, hairline scratches can often be removed by hand using a non-abrasive paint cleaner or swirl remover polish. It can safely and effectively remove below surface defects like fine scratches and bonded contaminants from paint surfaces, while enhancing the paint's gloss. This type of product is ideal for solving isolated paint problems and can even be used to revive a vehicle’s entire paint finish.

The most common below surface defects, many of which can be removed by hand are listed below:

1. Random, isolated scratches
2. Cobweb-effect
3. Buffer swirls
4. Oxidation
5. Pore imbedding stains
6. Chemical etching
7. Acid rain spots
8. Etching from bird droppings

You will need a clean, foam applicator pad to work the product into the finish and a good quality terry cloth towel or a microfiber towel. It's important to note that using premium quality applicators and towels insures that you do not inflict any additional scratches back into the paint surface.

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