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Tips on how to find reliable cars at auto auctions: Beginners Guide

"Finding a reliable used car at auction isn't rocket science" - said Alameda County Auction CEO Saadeh

With the increase of popularity auto auctions is thing to look for if you’re looking forward of driving home a car. While finding a reliable used car at an auto auction might seem like a dream to some. While educated consumers who use good old fashioned common sense usually drive away with a genuine bargain. These tips are for first-time auto auction goers can benefit from a few simple tips that will help them feel better about their purchases, including:

• Know where the auctioned vehicles come from;

• Research, read and check some auto auctions leading consumer publications and resale value books to educate yourself about reliability records and values of any particular make and model you're interested in;

• Make sure the auto auction house does a basic safety check and state emissions test, where applicable, on cars they offer;

• Attend any auto auctions preview days offered. That will give you a chance to check out any vehicles you're interested in at your own pace and before the heat of bidding begins;

• Check to see if the auto auction house offers an extended warranty. Alameda County Auction not only offers an extended warranty on vehicles sold, but also on-the-spot financing;

• Use your best judgment. If a vehicle is out of your price range to begin with, don't get caught up in the excitement and end up with a car you can't afford; and

In the end, it's possible to find a great car for a great value at any auto auctions, provided you plan ahead and know your product; for more information on how to search some auto auctions dealers. Try visiting acauction.com it offers a wide selection of auction cars with life-time warranty. Good Luck and welcome to the world of bidding.
By: Gilbert Bermudez

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