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Choosing the Right Car Stereo System

Believe it or not, your car stereo is the centerpiece of your entire audio system. Not just how appealing it is to the eye, but it is your music center. In other words, if your deck is crap, your music will sound like crap regardless of how many 12's or 15's you have in the back.

Before choosing a stereo, you need to do some research and find what works for your needs.


Visit different websites to read up on the specs. Decks have varying power capacity - too little and it's no good, especially if you want to shatter glass with the bass.

Make a list of the features you want - Ipod, Bluetooth, DVD, navigation etc.

Make sure that the deck will fit your vehicle without a lot of extra work. There are kits available to make most decks fit, but you want a clean look.

Visit the store and test some of your choices out - bring your own CD, so you can really hear how it sounds.

Ready to Buy:

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