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Cat-Back Exhaust For Improved Performance

by: Louie Liu

There are several products available to improve the performance of your car. When you set out to spend money on improving the performance of your car you will have to evaluate each one of these and choose which product gives you best value. That can take some effort but without doing it you will never be quite sure you spent your money well.

But if you do take the time and read up you will be quickly able to understand how each product improves the performance of your car and make an informed decision. Some products are more popular and you may have heard about them. Others are not so popular and you will need to inform yourself about them.

One option is a cat-back exhaust. The cat-back refers to the fact that this product fits after the catalytic converter. The product is the final piece through which the exhaust gases travel before exiting your car.

Allowing exhaust gases to leave quickly is important so that the engine can take in the next lot of fuel and air mixture to burn. The slower the exhaust gases leave the engine the longer it will take to burn the next lot of fuel and the lower will be the power generated by the engine.

A cat-back exhaust pipe has a larger diameter than the stock pipe. This makes it easier for the exhaust gases to leave, which in turn reduces back pressure and improves engine performance. That is not all. The turns in the pipe are also specially designed so that the turn does not cause back pressure to build up. Therefore in more ways than one the cat-back exhaust helps exhaust gases leave more quickly.

Cat-back exhaust also have an exhaust tip which is a visible piece and can be used to make a style statement. If you have added products such as designer body kits you will be keen to add to the stylishness of the car. Therefore you may prefer a fancy tip to your cat-back exhaust. You will have several creative options to choose from. You can know more about cat-back exhausts and other car aftermarket products at http://www.ilovebodykits.com.

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